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Recent Changes to JobSaver

On Friday 10 September, small and medium businesses were surprised by an email from service NSW requiring them to reconfirm every fortnight that they are still experiencing a 30% decline in turnover in order to continue receiving JobSaver payments.


This means that for the fortnight ending 26 September and each fortnight thereafter, small and medium businesses will need to confirm the following:

  • they have maintained their employee headcount stated in the initial application; and

  • they have experienced a decline in turnover during the current fortnight of 30% or more due to the public health order, compared to either the same period in 2019, or the same period in 2020, or the 2 week period immediately before lockdown (12 to 25 June 2021). Please note that you will need to choose the same year for your comparison period as in your initial application.


There has been a significant amount of backlash from businesses and professional bodies in relation to the recent changes to the eligibility criteria for the JobSaver Program. We will endeavor to keep you updated with the the latest information that is provided to us from Service NSW.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries in relation to the JobSaver program.

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